The Premier League - Lloyd Pettiford

The Premier League

The Premier League

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The 2016/17 season marked the 25th of the Premier League. This book recognises that fact in a way which is factually accurate yet dismissive of reputations and hype. It recognises the achievements of Swindon and Barnsley as much as Manchester United and Chelsea, and sneaks in references to borg drones from Star Trek, Oscar Wilde, Nirvana and Red Dwarf alongside analysis of the songs and seasons. Notts County fan Billy Ivory's foreword sets a tone of bitter irony as the story (shocked back to life by Leicester City) is told in unconventional fashion. Fans of all 49 teams who've been involved in Premier League have their say, except for Huddersfield (due to publishing deadlines), although we feel sure Patrick Stewart will want this one for Christmas...The Premier League charts each of the 25 seasons with the story of how the titles were won and the players who starred. From 2011/12's incredible finale, to Arsenal's "Invincibles", as well as each of Manchester United's record 13 triumphs, find out more about the rich history of the Premier League.
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Forlag: Urbane Publications
Udgivet: 2017-08-10
ISBN: 9781911583103

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