Organic Gardening's 70th Anniversary Cookbook - Ethne Clarke,The Gardening

Organic Gardening's 70th Anniversary Cookbook

Organic Gardening's 70th Anniversary Cookbook

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Recipes are akin to pass-along plants, bringing together generations with memories of food, home, family, and gardens. Organic Gardening's 70th anniversary recipe collection, gleaned from the magazine's pages across the decades, celebrates the passion gardeners have for homegrown vegetables, herbs, and fruit. These selected appetizers, main courses, breads, soups, sides, desserts and assorted other goodies make the most of a wholesome harvest and best represent the era in which they first appeared. From Green Onion Dressing and Grape-and-Almond Gazpacho to Broccoli Raab Penne and Danish Apple Cake, these recipes have stood the test of time and are presented in their original style and voice, preserving their character as well as their content. Through their words and editorial leadership, father and son J.I. and Robert Rodale introduced organic methods to home gardeners and small landowners across the United States. Their insight into the value of homegrown, organic produce in an era of industrial agriculture leaves a legacy for all gardeners to celebrate.
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Forlag: Rodale
Udgivet: 2012-02-17
ISBN: 9781609618551

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