A Joosr Guide to... Steal the Show by Michael Port - Joosr

A Joosr Guide to... Steal the Show by Michael Port

A Joosr Guide to... Steal the Show by Michael Port

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There are certain individuals who deliver speeches and presentations with a confident ease, the ones that captivate their audience and leave them wanting more. These people are show-stealers, both on and off the stage. But what if you could learn their secrets? And what if their secrets were actually just six simple techniques, guaranteed to get you a standing ovation every time?

Steal the Show is a guide to public speaking and performance that will allow you to be memorable in all that you undertake. Most situations in life can be considered as acts on a stage, requiring you to play a role of some kind. Learn how to apply the performance enhancing techniques of successful actors to boost your confidence, improve your preparation process, and impress your listeners, no matter who they are.

You will learn:

· How to effectively direct your efforts by defining clear objectives and goals

· That you can be an expert on any subject, it just takes a little imagination

· When to take risks for a more memorable performance, and when to play things safe.
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Mere info om e-bogen:

Forlag: Joosr
Udgivet: 2016-04-18
ISBN: 9781785672729

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