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Rogue’s Gallery, Vol. 1

Rogue’s Gallery, Vol. 1

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Rogue’s Gallery was an old-time radio program starring Dick Powell as Richard Rogue, a private detective who trailed luscious blondes, protected witnesses, and did whatever else detectives do to make a living. What set this show apart from others in the genre was that midway through every episode, Rogue would invariably end up getting knocked out and spending his dream-time in acerbic conversation on Cloud 8 with his subconscious self—named Eugor—“Rogue” spelled backwards. The presence of the alter ego served to give Rogue enough information for his final deduction. Eugor would appear cackling like the host of The Hermit’s Cave while imparting some vital information our hero had overlooked. Rogue would then awaken with a vague idea of what to do next.

Directed by Dee Englebach, with music by Leith Stevens, Rogue’s Gallery employed radio’s best supporting actors including: Lou Merrill, Gerald Mohr, Gloria Blondell, Tony Barrett, Lurene Tuttle, and Peter Leeds. Dick Powell left the series in 1946 and would later star in Richard Diamond, Private Detective. Rogue’s Gallery continued on until 1952 starring Barry Sullivan and later Paul Stewart.

Rogue’s Gallery, Vol. 1 features the following twelve episodes:
“Blondes Prefer Gentlemen” (10/18/1945)“Murder with Muriel” (10/25/1945)“Little Drops of Rain” (11/8/1945)“Lovely Little Old Lady” (11/29/1945)“Triangle of Death” (2/21/1946)“A Fortune in Furs” (12/20/1945)“The Stark McVey Case” a.k.a. “Murder at Minden” (1/3/1946)“The Pamela Leeds Case” a.k.a. “A Will in Question” (1/17/1946)“Carlotta, the Magnificent” a.k.a. “Special Added Attraction” (1/31/1946)“Death House Legacy” (4/4/1946)“The Star of Savoy” (6/23/1946)“Cabin on a Lake” (7/7/1946)
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Forlag: Black Eye Entertainment
Udgivet: 2016-04-01
Længde: 5T 52M
ISBN: 9781504705097

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