A Season for Painting - Verity Norton

A Season for Painting

A Season for Painting

3.33 6 5 Forfatter: Verity Norton
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It has been more than two years since the last McCullough cousin got married, and Kieran McCullough Burnett is starting to feel the pressure. Despite several of his cousins claiming they would never go near the altar, only to give in once struck down by love, he is determined to remain a bachelor. The best-selling author has no interest in marriage. He is very happy living his reclusive life, writing away to his heart's content on his grandmother's estate. Until his heart takes a detour in the direction of one particular spirited Irish artist.

Brynn Sullivan does not believe in marriage. She isn't even certain she believes in love, at least for herself. She is still suffering the ramifications of her parents' divorce and her own failed relationships.

The one thing she does believe in is her art and the unconditional love of a dog. At least until she meets Kieran McCullough Burnett and his eccentric, world-renowned artist grandmother, both of whom enchant her and bring her into a world of art, acceptance, and love. And they remind her of what it means to be part of a family.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Romaner Serie: The McCullough Romance Series: 8 Oversætter:

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Forlag: Untreed Reads - The Fiction Works
Udgivet: 2015-07-16
ISBN: 9781581243048

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