A Widow’s Might: The Secret of Finding Strength in God - Judy A. Knox

A Widow’s Might: The Secret of Finding Strength in God

A Widow’s Might: The Secret of Finding Strength in God

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Many of us in the body of Christ are living below our privileges as sons and daughters of God. We yearn for more in our experience with Him but don’t know what’s missing. In A Widow’s Might, Judy Knox reveals the missing element and explains how to get it.

Losing her husband due to complications following heart surgery could have been devastating. Instead, Judy’s ten weeks with him in the hospital ICU became a turning point, where she turned from her own strength to God’s. And when after fifty-one years, she suddenly found herself alone, she realized she was not alone at all. God was walking the path with her.

Judy will help you get more out of your relationship with God by showing you how to:

• hear and know God’s voice

• infuse your life with the power of the Holy Spirit

• enjoy your freedom as a new creation in Christ

• conquer negative thoughts and emotions

• win your spiritual battles

Her stories illustrate these serious truths in a light-hearted way. Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned Christian, the fresh insights in Judy’s message will energize your walk with God.

About the Author

Judy Knox, a retired high school teacher, now teaches Christians how to get more from their relationship with God. Recently widowed, she resides most of the year in northern Illinois near her married son and daughter and six grandchildren, and flies south to Arizona for the winter months. Judy is the author of Dewdrops of Grace, a collection of devotionals. In addition to writing and speaking, she is active in her local church and enjoys playing the cello. You’ll find her blog at
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2018-03-29
Længde: 4T 51M
ISBN: 9781518997464

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