Things I Don't Want to Know - Deborah Levy

Things I Don't Want to Know

Things I Don't Want to Know

3.86 58 5 Forfatter: Deborah Levy Oplæser: Juliet Stevenson
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Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Things I Don't Want to Know by Deborah Levy, read by Juliet Stevenson. Things I Don't Want to Know is the first in Deborah Levy's essential three-part 'Living Autobiography' on writing and womanhood. Taking George Orwell's famous essay, 'Why I Write', as a jumping-off point, Deborah Levy offers her own indispensable reflections of the writing life. With wit, clarity and calm brilliance, she considers how the writer must stake claim to that contested territory as a young woman and shape it to her need. Things I Don't Want to Know is a work of dazzling insight and deep psychological succour, from one of our most vital contemporary writers. 'Unmissable. Like chancing upon an oasis, you want to drink it slowly... Subtle, unpredictable, surprising' Guardian 'Superb sharpness and originality of imagination. An inspiring work of writing' Marina Warner
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Forlag: Penguin Books Ltd
Udgivet: 2018-04-05
Længde: 2T 59M
ISBN: 9780241983638

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