Shivers!: The Pirate Who's Back in Bunny Slippers - Connor White, Annabeth Bondor-Stone

Shivers!: The Pirate Who's Back in Bunny Slippers

Shivers!: The Pirate Who's Back in Bunny Slippers

4,5 6 5 Forfatter: Connor White, Annabeth Bondor-Stone Oplæser: Connor White
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Shivers, the scaredy-est pirate to ever sail the Seven Seas, is back. Comic book–like illustrations in each chapter bring Shivers to life and invite even the most reluctant readers to join the adventure. Perfect for fans of such series as Stick Dog, Big Nate, Dork Diaries, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

This time, Shivers must set sail again to get his beloved ship, the Land Lady, back from Mayor Sheila B. President. Shivers won’t be going alone, however. He’ll be bringing his best pal, Margo, and his loyal fishmate, Albee, on a clingy-clam and hot dog filled adventure. Like all good pirates, Shivers will just have to grab his swimmies (and his bunny slippers) and jump right into this epic tale.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Børnebøger Serie: Shivers!: 2 Oversætter:

Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: HarperFestival
Udgivet: 2016-02-23
Længde: 2T 51M
ISBN: 9780062448101

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