Answered Prayer - Martinson Sarfo

Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer

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Prayer is a spiritual weapon that God has given to humanity to enable the world to experience His perfect will and glorious Kingdom. When prayer is answered it brings joy to people and glory to God. Answered prayer also motivates more prayer, and generates miracles, which fuel revival and soul winning into the kingdom of God. Furthermore, answered prayer paralyzes satanic forces, and it creates conducive atmospheres for fruitfulness, personal development and church growth. Unfortunately, many people pray and do not receive answers to their prayer because they "pray amiss." Therefore, they give up praying and just "live", accepting whatever comes their way. Prayer must yield results, and for prayer to yield results it must be done right. In Answered Prayer, Rev. Martinson Sarfo provides insight into the dynamics of prayer, and factors that guarantee answered prayer. This book will show you how to pray right and receive answers to your prayers.
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Udgivet: 2015-12-03
ISBN: 9781783018413

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