Momus. A Walking Interview - Francesco Tenaglia

Momus. A Walking Interview

Momus. A Walking Interview

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"Momus. A Walking Interview" is a long conversation between the Italian critic Francesco Tenaglia and Scottish born artist Nicholas Currie aka Momus that took place during a day-long stroll in various areas of the city of Milan with an always-on microphone. The different neighborhoods elicited different topics including musicals, Chinatowns, enterism, Italy, Sehnsucht, David Bowie, word processors, death, classic rock, politics, isolation, future, and much more. Momus started his career in music making during the '80s first with the band The Happy Family then as a solo artist for Creation Records and Cherry Red Records. He has written for various publications such as Wired, Vice, Index Magazine, 032c, and Mousse. He has also been active in performance art and as an author: he wrote "The Book of Jokes"; "The Book of Scotlands", and "The Book of Japans" for Sternberg Press; "Herr F", and "Popppappp" for Fiktion. Foreword by the journalist and dj Fabio De Luca.
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Udgivet: 2015-09-21
ISBN: 9781783018086

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