A Joosr Guide to... Drive - Daniel Pink

A Joosr Guide to... Drive

A Joosr Guide to... Drive

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In todays fast-paced world, its tough to find the time to read. But with Joosr guides, you can get the key insights from bestselling non-fiction titles in less than 20 minutes. Whether you want to gain knowledge on the go or find the books youll love, Joosrs brief and accessible eBook summaries fit into your life. Find out more at joosr.com. Rewarding good performance and punishing the not so good is so ingrained in our approach to management that its hard to conceive of an alternative. But there is a better way to motivate-one that taps into our human nature and lets us thrive. For centuries, people have praised great work with rewards, seeking to encourage solid performances and drive better results. But what worked in the past isn't necessarily the most effective method today. In Drive youll get a fascinating look into the science of what really motivates us in the twenty-first century. With research representing years of behavioral science, Drive aims to forever change the way you inspire yourself and the people around you. You will learn: - Why motivating people with rewards might actually getting you worse results - How Type I behaviors work with our inner desires to produce better work - What factors need to combine to form a truly healthy workplace.
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Forlag: Vearsa - Bokish Ltd
Udgivet: 2015-07-23
ISBN: 9781785671029

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