Random Thoughts of a Canadian Patriot - Don Chivers

Random Thoughts of a Canadian Patriot

Random Thoughts of a Canadian Patriot

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Being random, this book is not sequential. There is a plausible explanation of how and why man became a confrontational zealot over his adopted religion. It also explains why religion became an argument of creation versus evolution. However, the world population is blind to its early beginnings, and unaware of the influence of racial memory. Random Thoughts of a Canadian Patriot reveals the possibilities of multiculturalism, and considers the long-range effects of a changing economic world in relation to Canada. Some light is also thrown on Canadas much-touted health care system. The number of political parties in Canada is shown as a disadvantage to a Democratic federal election ever gaining a majority government. It demonstrates that there are advantages to the poorer class in a Conservative government that are not apparent, and how costly social programs lead to a spiral of thinning the wealth, with government as the main beneficiary. One chapter defines the relative strength of money, and another addresses the need for world cooperation in dealing with global warming.
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Forlag: Vearsa - Publish on Demand Global LLC
Udgivet: 2014-03-11
ISBN: 9781625163493

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