On the Wings of Angels - Dan Verner

On the Wings of Angels

On the Wings of Angels

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On the Wings of Angels (Book 3 of the Beyond the Blue Horizon Series), continues the saga of Otto Kerchner, the airplane-obsessed Wisconsin farm boy who becomes a hero of World War II in On Wings of the Morning (Book 1). He continued to lead his family, friends, and community into new ventures-and sometimes danger-in On the Wings of Eagles (Book 2).

The latest in the series picks up in 1954 with an unlikely mix of elements: a minor league baseball team, mobsters from Minneapolis, a Soviet jet, family discord, sudden death, an aviation camp, a kidnapping, and a marauding bear. Meanwhile, the Kerchners, their friends, and their community cope with a changing world.

Readers of the earlier novels have praised the easy style and realistic touches in the books which help recreate the ambiance and feel of those remembered years, including the simple pleasures of picnics, birthday parties, and pick-up baseball games. The characters are at once unique and identifiable, and their hopes, fears, and struggles still resonate today. This book is a must read among must reads for just about everyone.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Romaner Serie: Beyond the Blue Horizon: 3 Oversætter:

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Forlag: Untreed Reads - eLectio Publishing
Udgivet: 2015-01-06
ISBN: 9781632130723

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