Rock And Blues Duets For The Modern Guitarist - Charlie Tottman

Rock And Blues Duets For The Modern Guitarist

Rock And Blues Duets For The Modern Guitarist

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This ebook consists of 15 short duets which have been written specifically for students who want to play together. The duets introduce classic ‘call and response' motives, standard blues progressions, repetitive riffs and modern chord progressions. The student is encouraged to develop their understanding of modern music whilst learning short pieces and most importantly, enjoy playing with friends, other instrumentalists or their tutor. Helpful tips and hints are provided for each piece, where isolated practice is required. Each of the fifteen duets contain a link to an audio version of each duet. You have the choice to then either stream or download the audio and choose whether to listen or play along!
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Udgivet: 2015-02-25
ISBN: 9781783016952

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