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In the Glamorous world of the theater, they were gifted, hopeful, and hungry for fame... Kathy, whose brilliant performances rose like fire from her soul; Lauren, regal, golden-voiced, fleeing a desperate past; Melanie, sophisticated and sexy, prey to every temptation; David, driven by pride and passion; Paula, searching for love, afraid of success, hoarding her talent like a hidden treasure; Mike, slipping from mask to mask, the stage his only home... Together they shared the magic of rehearsals and opening nights, of love and heartache and grand ambition... bursting from the safe cocoon of the college drama club to struggle, suddenly alone, for the spotlight. For two decades, from New York to London to L.A., they held on to their dreams, playing the starving actor or flying high on movie deals and cocaine, marrying rich or making fortunes, far from the bright lights. But only one would soar to the heights, swept away by the thunderous applause, the magical glow, the love of millions of fans... at last a star.
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Forlag: Untreed Reads
Udgivet: 2015-03-04
ISBN: 9781611877311

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