Confessions of a War Child (Lia) - Chaker Khazaal

Confessions of a War Child (Lia)

Confessions of a War Child (Lia)

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Lia - the second installment of the Confessions of a War Child trilogy.

- love can grow amidst the dust of war -

Follow the journey as it twists and turns along a trail full of conspiracy, conflict, and love.

At the stroke of midnight, as soldiers storm his castle, a president, a prisoner, a declaration and a nation come to life on the pages of Confessions of a War Child- Lia.

The story begins as the President of Kabar orders his guards to bring forth the captive and captivating Lia, one of the prisoners he had jailed a year ago. Having held back his feelings from the moment he saw her, only now can he give in to his true heart.

Face to face with the beautiful Lia, he becomes lost in the depth of her eyes, declaring his undying love for the first and final time. In a gesture of remorse and regret, he forces a letter into her hand - his confession. This act - a deliberate lethal attack - is the final retaliation against two nations at war for years.

Chemical bombs have been planted throughout Kabar and the neighboring Saghar. Timed to go off at midnight, the two nations will finally be united as one - in tragedy.

Ruling with brutality for three decades, the President of Kabar has taken countless lives along the way. Now, gazing into the eyes of his beloved, without a word, he raises his gun. With a single bullet to the head, his merciless sovereignty has ended.

This compelling novel moves through the mind of a powerful leader, exploring the dark world of war that precedes the light world of peace.
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Udgivet: 2014-04-20
ISBN: 9780993719820

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