Sigurd - Siegfried - A Hero Myth For Our Time - Roy Snelling

Sigurd - Siegfried - A Hero Myth For Our Time

Sigurd - Siegfried - A Hero Myth For Our Time

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Human culture from around the World contains many myths that attempt to explain such things as the creation of the Universe, the Sun, planets, Moon and the Earth, the existence and role of gods and goddesses, nature spirits, rites of passage for young people and the hero overcoming evil. Both Freud and Jung have stated that these Myths have existed from time immemorial.

In the above book one myth well known from European culture, the Germanic myth of the life of Sigurd (Norse) or Siegfried (Frankish) has been chosen for examination. Rejecting the statement by Freud and Jung, the myth is traced back to the end of Atlantis, a time when a few uncorrupted spiritual leaders realised that they would have to enshrine important knowledge about Man's relationship with the Cosmos, with their own society, and with understanding the make-up of their own nature, in storey-formats. These myths had to be such that trained bards or Skalds could remember them and pass them down from generation to generation after surviving the coming cataclysm. Storeys that would survive centuries of wandering hunter-gatherers until some day in the future a new civilization could deconstruct these myths for the benefit of their peoples.

The book starts by examining the arrival of Spiritual Man, Adam, who as a collective spiritual being of Divine Sparks incarnates into Earth's (Gaia's, Eve's) physical human, Cro-Magnon Man, at a time when this race had occupied the lands of Lemuria in the Pacific about 80,000 years ago. The book traces the slow descent (fall) of Man's consciousness into physical form with the concurrent loss of psychic sensitivity through Lemuria and Atlantis, until the eventual destruction of the latter. The nature of archetypal elements common in hero-myths is Myth itself. This is then de-constructed piecemeal so that the reader can understand the individual elements of the Myth. The nature of evil in the World is then investigated and the presence of a false god that has been misleading Humanity, a god that makes the hero path potentially very dangerous. This revelation is potentially explosive, and will disturb many people raised in the conventional religions.

The book then explores what the lessons of the hero-myth mean to us today. As we move into the New Age everything in the World around us is changing. Courageous men and women are needed now more than ever to tread the hero path of discipleship to help steer Humanity away from the old structures that are holding Humanity back in its evolution.
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Udgivet: 2014-11-11
ISBN: 9781783015320

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