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Down on Main Street

Down on Main Street

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Since the Presidential election of 2008, there has been a trend of liberal-progressive Americans to distance themselves from everything that has made America the most successful experiment in government the world has ever known, and in fact to even question what conservative Americans call "American Exceptionalism". From President Obama himself, who spent the early months of his presidency touring the globe apologizing for nearly 3 centuries of America being the beacon of freedom, liberty, and free market capitalism that has enabled the United States to lead the world in economic development never before seen in history. Over the last five and a half years President Obama's promise to "fundamentally change America" has delivered an average loss of $5000 in family wealth and the highest misery index since the presidency of Jimmy Carter. It has also brought with it the largest number of Americans who are unable to find meaningful employment since the Great Depression; the highest number of Americans seeking government assistance; an astonishing federal debt of $18 trillion on the way to $26 trillion by 2022; a bloated and out-of-control federal bureaucracy; scandals in nearly every department of government; and a world on the brink of chaos caused by tyranny and terrorism. Down on Main Street Searching for American Exceptionalism documents the events and people who made America the exceptional country that it has been and questions why liberal progressives, most of whom live lifestyles far better than most people of the world, benefit financially beyond their skill-sets, and have access to food/luxury that is the envy of other countries, would want to tear down the very free market capitalistic system that has proven to be the only system that has ever lifted whole nations out of poverty, in favor of economic ideologies that have never been proven to work, insure only equal misery and mediocrity for its citizens, and can only be held together at the point of a gun.
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Udgivet: 2014-10-28
ISBN: 9781618565266

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