Executive Power - David J. Lieberman

Executive Power

Executive Power

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In today's high-octane business world, you need all the advantages you can get. Success isn't just about making the right decisions or adopting smart strategies. Success also depends on knowing what's going on around you. As a business leader, imagine if you could almost always tell when people were lying to you, or if you could successfully persuade colleagues, workers, or bosses to always go along with your ideas.
The truth is, you can. All you need is the right knowledge and the basic human powers of perception. In Executive Power, author and PhD David Lieberman gives you the same techniques and strategies of persuasion that are used by the FBI, the U.S. military, mental health professionals, professional negotiators, and leading business executives from major corporations.
Loaded with carefully formulated psychological tactics that you can apply to any person or any situation, Executive Power gives you the ability to get what you need when you need it. More than just strategies or principles, these are solutions to your business problems that will give you a built-in advantage over the competition when you discover how to:
• Get back any customer you've lost
• Gain iron-clad loyalty from employees, customers, and clients
• Get any group of people to work together as a team
• Turn a lazy worker into a top producer
• Manage difficult employees with ease and grace
• Quickly soften the impact of negative publicity
• Collect money owed to you, no matter how long overdue
• Spot a bluff from a mile away
• Instantly resolve difficult personality conflicts
When the stakes are this high, can you really afford not to have every tool at your disposal? Executive Power gives you the ultimate tools for running your business.
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Forlag: Gildan Media
Udgivet: 2009-04-06
Længde: 4T 34M
ISBN: 9781596593886

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