Sketches in Lavender, Blue and Green - Jerome K. Jerome

Sketches in Lavender, Blue and Green

Sketches in Lavender, Blue and Green

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Jerome K. Jerome’s Sketches of Lavender, Blue and Green is a vast collection of short fiction, diverse in themes and topics. Each infused with Jerome’s clever wit, this collection of short fiction caters to every mood. In The Materialism of Charles and Mivanway, a paranormal misunderstanding brings a couple closer together. After a young, emotionally charged couple are separated by a ship wreck, each are presumed dead. Because of this, when they run into each other at a romantic spot, the couple each think the other is a ghost. Filled with grief, they work out their differences and reconcile old fights as they schedule meetings; they may think their lover is dead, but that does not mean their love is. Depicting a different perspective of love, Blasé Billy portrays a worldly, experienced man who is unimpressed with nearly everything, as he has lived through so much. However, when Billy starts to fall in love, he realizes that he may not be as accomplished as he thought. Accompanying touching love stories, The Man Who Lived for Others is a satirical tale of warning as it follows a man who will go out of his way to do exactly what others expect at the expense of his own happiness.

Featuring twenty exemplary works of short fiction, Sketches of Lavender, Blue and Green by Jerome K. Jerome explores themes of love, gender, class, marriage, and societal expectations with wit and charm. This range of topics and themes are well-presented in pure satirical pieces, stories of romance, and even stories with supernatural misunderstandings. Filled with humor, sentiment, and reflection, Sketches of Lavender, Blue, and Green is a perfect collection of hilarious narratives, sure to delight modern-audiences.

This edition of Sketches in Lavender, Blue, and Green by Jerome K. Jerome is presented in an easy-to-read font and features an eye-catching new cover design. With these accommodations, this edition is accessible and appealing to contemporary audiences, restoring Jerome K Jerome’s work to modern standards while preserving the original wit and charm of Sketches in Lavender, Blue and Green.
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Forlag: Mint Editions
Udgivet: 2021-03-09
ISBN: 9781513279008

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