Debt-Free Living - Larry Burkett

Debt-Free Living

Debt-Free Living

3.57 7 5 Forfatter: Larry Burkett Oplæser: Wayne Shepherd
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It dominates our society... and our households: debt. Money, for richer or for poorer, affects each of our lives and indeed, our society. Men, women, singles, couples anyone can get caught by the trap of debt, and many do, and sometimes it seems impossible to ever pull away. But its not. In this helpful volume, youll read about people who fell too deeply into a lifestyle of debt, but who applied these proven biblical principles and were able to climb out. In addition, youll learn about credit, debt traps, bankruptcy, budgeting, financial coaching, and how debt became a way of life. Larry Burketts Debt Free Living has emerged as a classic in the world of Christian financial self help books. This fresh edition includes resources with valuable information, practical tips, and stories of ordinary men and women. Get started today on your journey to debt free living.
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Forlag: Oasis Audio
Udgivet: 2010-04-01
Længde: 5T 6M
ISBN: 9781608146697

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