Johnny Angel Theodor Mouse Boy Loves Boy - John Williams

Johnny Angel Theodor Mouse Boy Loves Boy

Johnny Angel Theodor Mouse Boy Loves Boy

0 0 5 Forfatter: John Williams Oplæser: John Williams
Johnny Angel

William is acting coy, carrying from the afternoon from the day before. After a swim they talk. A year before William lost a friend, Frank after three months. William doesn’t speak about much, holding back a lot of inner pain and emotion.

Mathew Someway

Still at the Sea of Prosperity with Michael, Mathew wakes up to find Louis gone, finding him swimming in the sea but is taken up by a diving flying sled. Michael is sure Louis has been taken by an alien who had been in contact with against Mathew’s better judgement and joins Michael in a sea search, but suddenly Michael is gone. Mathew swims well away from the yacht and finds not the missing Michael but Louis who teaches him how to fly. Landing on an alien yacht, Mathew is introduced to Louis’s friends who have their own problems; one of theirs is missing also. A year before Mathew had been woken by a light and rescued an alien boy, the missing one, and Mathew ponders how to protect him.

Christopher Cross

Christopher wakes in an English village with Oliver Black and during a run, romance ensues in the bathtub and when they dress, the school bus is waiting. Aboard in school uniform are the damned with their leader Nicholas Knowles.

Simon Sevenson

Simon dreams of May’s class with Alfred Pointers and Theodore in 1950’s England. Monday 12pm, Simon cannot avoid Theodore. Outside they run to a swimming hole. Theodore, after running off with their clothes, comes back on the attack, but when Simon pins him down, he collapses. Dressing him, the mode controller falls out. The only way out is Simon promising him to spend a weekend at home together. Using meters and coins, too late Simon sees Mouse, Theodore had nicknamed him and set up a place on the controller; an interface that takes Simon, Theodore and the class aboard the controller’s third harmonic
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Romantik Oversætter:

Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2021-03-11
Længde: 4T 18M
ISBN: 9781662179648

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