The Power of Life Coaching, Abridged Edition - Holley Swanson Clough

The Power of Life Coaching, Abridged Edition

The Power of Life Coaching, Abridged Edition

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University adult programs are recruiting and retaining the fastest growing student segment in higher education. Yet, two of the biggest challenges faced by organizations today are declining enrollment and decreasing retention rates. In this time of globalization, artificial intelligence, and shifting consumer preferences, it is not business or education as usual. The leading challenges faced by business and education sectors both are a declining workforce and enrollment retention rates. Organizations, comprised of adult learners, need to adapt to accommodate this complex population.

The updated Power of Life Coaching offers a how-to guide for business owners, organizational leaders, human resource development personnel, as well as enrollment personnel, seeking to address these challenges while transforming the lives of those they lead and serve along the way. Comparative research contrasting key missional alignment indicators determined that life coaching has the most significant transformational impact on adult learners' lives. In response, this ethical coaching model was developed based on adult experiential learning and values-based institutional assessment, all in alignment with the International Coach Federation's ethically founded competencies. This text is theoretically based, delivering a coaching technique for adult learner satisfaction, leading to increased retention rates. The Power of Life Coaching is a manual for assisting personnel and teams to fully embrace and live out their mission and values.
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Forlag: Wipf and Stock
Udgivet: 2021-01-21
ISBN: 9781725259249

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