Two Pieces of Paper - Skyler W. King

Two Pieces of Paper

Two Pieces of Paper

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Two Pieces of Paper presents honest advice for getting a degree and a job in the modern working world.

Two Pieces of Paper is an advice book by a recent college graduate for future college graduates. Too often, career-driven students get distracted from the purpose of going to school; to get a degree and get a job offer. Two Pieces of Paper tackles this problem by offering a strategic approach to conquering college for a career in the modern working world as well as advice to make the journey easier. The strategic approach presented by Skyler W. King has helped some of his most successful peers become employed at notable companies, such as Charles Schwab, Blue Origin, International Paper, Shell Norco, Kiewit, Walmart, General Dynamics: Information Technology, and more. Within Two Pieces of Paper, helps future college graduates to:

Establish a solid academic foundation
Leverage extracurricular activities to achieve experience requirements
Craft their original resume and cover letters
Effectively use e-mail and LinkedIn
Nail any interview format or question
Successfully complete internships and co-ops
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Mere info om e-bogen:

Forlag: Morgan James Publishing
Udgivet: 2020-05-05
ISBN: 9781642798128

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