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Get Happier & Healthier Now

Get Happier & Healthier Now

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Get Happier & Healthier Now teaches those who have been misled into believing that meds are their only solution to getting healthy if they can’t stay on a diet and hate exercise how to get their body back without medication.

In Get Happier & Healthier Now, thirty-year fitness veteran and transformational coach, Ell Graniel gives those struggling with weight loss the missing link they need to finally get the results they’ve been looking for, along with a seven-step process to make it happen for real this time. Within Get Happier & Healthier Now, those struggling with weight loss learn:

Why it’s not their fault they can’t keep the weight off, and what to do about it
What the true side effects of meds are (the ones they don’t have to put on the label)
Why diets don’t work the way they think they do
How counting calories and steps keep them overweight
How to shift from sloth to superstar and become self-motivated
And other secret stuff they deserve to know!
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Mere info om e-bogen:

Forlag: Morgan James Publishing
Udgivet: 2020-07-07
ISBN: 9781642799323

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