Dirty Rebound - Mira Lyn Kelly

Dirty Rebound

Dirty Rebound

4,19 26 5 Forfatter: Mira Lyn Kelly Oplæser: Christian Fox, Savannah Peachwood
I care too much about Cammy Wesley to marry her…Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But hear me out.Cammy’s my best friend—the one person I can’t live without, the girl with the sunshine smile, the loaded fridge, and the most awesome kid I’ve ever met. She’s also the hot AF single mom I’ve made it my mission to protect from guys like me. And I won’t risk ruining our friendship by pushing for something more.I can’t be her forever.I’m not that guy. I’m the good time, the class clown, the hockey stud. I’m the happy-for-now, not the happily-ever-after.I stay in my lane, but when Cammy’s ex needs a lesson, the rash overprotective part of me jumps the boards and I go from best friend to fake boyfriend in the span of a kiss. And that’s just the beginning—because when it comes to Cammy, there’s nothing I won’t do...even if it’s guaranteed to wreck me.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Romantik Serie: Slayers Hockey: 3 Oversætter:

Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Dreamscape Media, LLC
Udgivet: 2020-10-13
Længde: 6T 7M
ISBN: 9781662046438

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