The Obituary Rule - Sandra Murphy

The Obituary Rule

The Obituary Rule

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An older woman is not limited to church, the grocery or Senior Center if she wants to meet a man, she can also invoke The Obituary Rule. The Rule states that following the publication of an obituary, there is a mandatory thirty-day waiting period before she can approach the widower in question. Be warned! Competition is strong and there are always claim jumpers who make first contact days early. Common opening salvos include (but are not limited to) offers of coffee, a home-cooked meal or a sympathetic ear. What's a woman to do when she inadvertently jumps the gun and calls too soon? How do you fight memories on one hand and the onslaught of eager single women on the other? A short story.
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Forlag: Untreed Reads
Udgivet: 2008-09-30
ISBN: 9781611874532

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