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200% Better - Insider Secrets To Living Your Best Life Possible - Issues 1-12

Forfatter: Sharen Ling Oplæser: Mark Walkman Lydbog

"Life can throw a lot of you. Sometime it’s good surprises and other times it’s bad news, or some event that sends us into panic mode.

Here’s the thing about that. If a real, physical threat happens—like a car suddenly coming around a corner and coming straight at you—our fight-or-flight response works wonders.

It kicks in so we either jump out of the way of a threat or face the threat and fight it.

The problem arises when events trigger stress, but it’s not a situation where we need to take off running or pull up our fists." - Sharen Ling

© 2020 JSX Publishing Inc. (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781662273148