Absolute Positivity - Karl B. Sanger

Absolute Positivity

Absolute Positivity

5.0 2 5 Forfatter: Karl B. Sanger
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It's easy to be positive when the seas of life are calm and peaceful. But when we are thrown into the turmoil of a chaotic circumstance, such as a life-threatening disease, can unflappable positivity be maintained? Join talent agent, musician, and author Karl B. Sanger as he details the long and arduous journey he walked with his wife Teresa through her diagnosis and battle with Hepatitis C. Through their faith in God and the support of family and friends, Sanger concludes that "Absolute Positivity" can only be found when we tap into the source of all good things: the Creator of the Universe.
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Forlag: Untreed Reads - eLectio Publishing
Udgivet: 2013-02-25
ISBN: 9781611879964

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