Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein - Kate McAll

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

4 1 5 Forfatter: Kate McAll Oplæser: Stacy Keach, Mike McShane, Darren Richardson, Seamus Dever, Cerris Morgan-Moyer, Adhir Kalyan
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The 1815 eruption of Indonesia’s Tambora volcano had a catastrophic effect on climate around the world. In North America and Europe, the following twelve months became known as “the year without summer.” Confined indoors by the relentless rain and cold, a group of friends, including 18-year old Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and poet Lord Byron, began writing ghost stories to pass the time. Shelley’s tale “Frankenstein” remains, over 200 years later, a work of timeless imagination and power.

Includes a post-play conversation with Leslie S. Klinger, author of The New Annotated Frankenstein.

Original music by John Biddle.

Recorded before a live audience at the UCLA James Bridges Theater in February 2020.

Adapted by Kate McAll
Director: Anna Lyse Erikson
Producing Director: Susan Albert Loewenberg
An L.A. Theatre Works Full-Cast Performance featuring:
Seamus Dever as Captain Walton
Adhir Kalyan as Victor Frankenstein
Stacy Keach as The Creature
Cerris Morgan-Moyer as Elizabeth Lavenza, Justine Moritz
Mike McShane as Mr. Davy, Father, Donald
Darren Richardson as Henry Clerval, Judge, Old Man, Hamish

Associate Artistic Director: Anna Lyse Erikson
Recording Engineer and Sound Designer: Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood
Senior Radio Producer: Ronn Lipkin
Foley Artist: Brian DeShazor
Production Manager: Erica R. Christensen
Editor and Mixing Engineer: Charles Carroll
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Digte Oversætter:

Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: L.A. Theatre Works
Udgivet: 2020-07-15
Længde: 1T 58M
ISBN: 9781682661109

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