How To Stop Worrying Anxiety Cure - Charles Fuchs

How To Stop Worrying Anxiety Cure

How To Stop Worrying Anxiety Cure

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How To Stop Worrying Anxiety Cure

Learn about coping strategies, trigger causes, holistic solutions and much, much more!

Anxiety is a normal part of life, however when it becomes overwhelming impeding your daily life and functioning, effecting your social, work and personal life, then it becomes a serious problem that needs to be addressed from a multi-faceted view point, and holistically treated.

Everyone gets anxious, and this is perfectly normal, but when the effects of anxiety become crippling you need to seek help. Do not worry your anxiety can be put at ease, within this concise book, revealed is the various mechanisms behind anxiety, holistic approaches and strategies to defeat this assailing mental dilemma that burdens your life.

What You'll Learn

· Trigger causes & mechanisms

· Behavior & coping strategies

· Proper nutrition & supplementation

· Lifestyle changes

What Sets This Book Apart From The Rest?

· Takes multifaceted approaches to mental health and wellness

· Promotes long term and sustainable solutions and not quick fixes

· Empowers suffers/readers by putting YOU in control instead of following the medical model

· All natural, holistic, and empowering resolutions

· Addresses the mind, body and spirit as oppose to just focusing on
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Udgivet: 2019-04-29
ISBN: 6610000172139

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