Your First 50 Book Reviews - Orna Ross, AskALLi Advisors

Your First 50 Book Reviews

Your First 50 Book Reviews

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Encouraging people to publish and share reviews of your book is a key book-marketing task, and one on which other aspects of marketing rest.

Reviews provide the social proof that is the bedrock of attention from booksellers, bloggers, media, libraries and other influencers.

There are many ways to get your book reviewed and it can be challenging to know what’s ethical and advisable, and what’s worth your time and money.

This Quick and Easy Guide from the AskALLi team at the Alliance of Independent Authors offers guidance to current best practices and ethics and a myriad of ways for you to get more book reviews, fast.
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Forlag: PublishDrive
Udgivet: 2019-12-23
ISBN: 9781913349707

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