A Voyage to the South Sea - William Bligh

A Voyage to the South Sea

A Voyage to the South Sea

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"A Voyage to the South Sea" is an interesting and thrilling autobiographical account by the Royal Navy Vice-Admiral William Bligh of the naval expedition of HMS Bounty under his command, including the mutiny against him that happened in 1789. In order to win a premium offered by the Royal Society, Bligh first sailed to Tahiti to obtain breadfruit trees, then set course east across the South Pacific for South America and the Cape Horn and eventually to the Caribbean Sea, where breadfruit was wanted for experiments to see whether it would be a successful food crop for African slaves there on British colonial plantations in the West Indies islands. However, The Bounty never reached the Caribbean, as mutiny broke out on board shortly after the ship left Tahiti. The reasons behind the mutiny are still debated. After being set adrift in Bounty's launch by the mutineers, Bligh and his loyal men were forced to start a completely new and an adventurous journey of their own…
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Forlag: e-artnow
Udgivet: 2020-05-15
ISBN: 4064066058340

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