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How To Cross Stitch

How To Cross Stitch

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If you want to learn how to cross stitch, then get the “How To Cross Stitch” Volume 1.

Here are the benefits of getting this guide.

- You can learn a new hobby.

- You can make yourself productive during your free time.

- You can enhance your creativity

- You can earn money by selling your cross-stitch pieces.

- You can develop your skills in embroidery.

- You can express your artistic talent.

- You can exercise logical thinking by analyzing complicated patterns.

- You can create decorative pieces for your home.

- Cross stitch can be a highly coveted gift.

- Cross stitch also lets you enjoy your time alone by always keeping busy and excited to see the results of your project.

Simplicity is what we aim for in this book. There are individuals who do not appreciate this form of crafting because they think it is too complicated and boring. In fact, it’s the complete opposite, because you are a person who is always enthusiastic to create something beautiful and valuable in terms of effort.

This book gives you basic details about cross-stitching, a brief history, a step by step guide and a general overview of what to expect in accomplishing a cross-stitch project. You can also get useful tips that you can practice to be able to be efficient in completing the project. The book was made with utmost attention to details integrated with a direct, to the point approach of instructional information to help you get there fast.

About the Expert

Melanie Yap is a mom of three little girls and likes to spend quality time with her family while doing what she loves the most, which is writing, a passion that enables her to express her thoughts and share to the world her expertise in many subjects.She is well skilled in cross stitching and it is one of her favorite hobbies.

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Forlag: HowExpert
Udgivet: 2017-04-25
Længde: 58M
ISBN: 9781647582500

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