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Psychology of Stress

Psychology of Stress

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“An adult biting nail in front a crowd can be much more than just bad habit. It can be chronic stress…..”

Humans will think as long as they have a functioning brain. And that is good; adults need to think for better living, better performance and overall better quality of life. But what if over thinking starts to affect mental balance? What if individuals forget to have fun due to the constant fear of the future? What if life becomes a burden for a man or woman due to over analyzing every situation? This is stress. Thinking is acceptable and good, but stress is not. Stress makes life miserable. Stress kills the joy of life. Stress is the main reason why some adults cannot deal it anymore and kill themselves.

Stress can happen due to many reasons. Stress can happen because of an incurable illness; stress can happen due to the weak financial situation, a broken relationship can also cause stress. Whatever the reason is living with stress is not good. Stress can cause depression. And depression may force a healthy person to attempt suicide.

No one can be happy all the time; there will be problems. But adults must learn to deal with problems without bringing stress to their lives.
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Forlag: IntroBooks
Udgivet: 2020-01-06
Længde: 42M
ISBN: 9781987193503

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