The Anatomy of Economy - N. Natarajan

The Anatomy of Economy

The Anatomy of Economy

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Every citizen should have the understanding on Economics. That will help us understand why many countries have large population of poor people!

Economics in neither a great tool for humanity nor any complex theory like nuclear science.

In my opinion, it is a cook book for crooks.

Anyone who do not understand the basics are vulnerable to be exploited by Economists and political leaders.

Economics is all about Products, People who produce who distribute and consume. But the economics as a theory does not deal with the people even remotely.

It is all about investment and Profiting.

There is an addition to it namely :

Equitable distribution of wealth across the citizen of the country. Also known as 80:20 formula.

There are several countries with poverty continuing ever since alien rule in those countries.

India has poor population nearly 1/3 of world’s poor. Why, our economic theories minus 80:20 Formula.

The due share of wealth do not reach those who produce, Instead the trade and business corner the largest chunk of nation’s wealth.

The reader are suggested to read international NGO urls such as OXFAM India on Poverty.
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Udgivet: 2020-05-18

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