The Marked Ones - Nickey T. Hawke

The Marked Ones

The Marked Ones

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"Nickey T. Hawke has created a rich and vast world that's chaotic and detailed, with a focus on characters that are outcasts... [it] is rich in story with action that feels almost cinematic, a story of survival and finding one's place in the world." --Liz Konkel, a 5-star review on Readers' Favorite

"Intense and fast paced, The Marked Ones is one of a kind gem that you rarely come across. This is an EPIC fantasy (emphasis on EPIC because it is so awesome) that will have you hooked from the get go... This is definitely one of those novels that you recommend to absolutely anyone who likes to read because it has the ability to appeal to all kinds of readers." -- Rabia Tanveer, a 5-star review on Readers' Favorite

Innocent refugees seek help at your city. According to the government, throwing them into prison is the right thing to do. Helping them is punishable by death. What will YOU do?

The war refugees known as the Marked Ones are considered a threat to the City. When they die, they would return as undead that will violently kill anything in their sights. The Swordmasters have been tasked to capture all the Marked Ones in order to protect their City. New Haven is the only district in the City that provides a safe refuge for the Marked Ones.

"I have to save them all."

It all begins when a rescue team from New Haven helps a group of Marked Ones escape from their undead oppressors. Kiera, a counselor among the rescue team, is burdened with keeping as many of the Marked Ones alive until they can safely reach New Haven. However, there are those who wish to see her fail...

"Capture them, protect our city."

The Swordmasters have been sent to capture the Marked Ones before they could escape to New Haven. Gideon, a squad leader, is faced with a moral dilemma. Should he stay committed to his duty and capture these innocent refugees mercilessly? Or should he help them to escape, knowing that he would be punished by the law if discovered?

The Marked Ones is a fantasy novel which explores the emotional journey of two characters in their struggle to choose courage and compassion in a broken world of chaos and despair.

The Ghost Within series takes place in an epic fantasy world where the evil Immortal Lord and his Undead army are pushing for a full conquest. If the remaining good factions fail to unite and push back, darkness may soon engulf the entire land. Join the heroes of the land as they fight an impossible war against the forces of darkness.

BONUS to the readers: the book also features 7 full-color character concept arts, and also 10 black-and-white story sketches to help you experience deeper into the story world.
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Udgivet: 2018-01-03
ISBN: 9789670730264

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