Starring Fred and Ursulina - Suzy-Jane Tanner

Starring Fred and Ursulina

Starring Fred and Ursulina

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Twin bears Frederika and Ursulina Brown have just started at school. They are excited to learn that there is to be a school play and Ursulina is thrilled to be picked as Sleeping Beauty, especially as she will be kissed by Prince Charming at the end of the show. Her sister Fred is much happier to be the back end of Daisybelle the cow. As the day of the performance draws near, the costumes are ready and everyone know their lines, so surely everything will be all right on the night... or will it?
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Børnebøger Serie: Suzy-Jane Tanner's Children's Books: 6 Oversætter:

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Forlag: Andrews UK
Udgivet: 2011-05-31
ISBN: 9781849894210

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