Formulas for the E6-B Air Navigation Computer - Frank Hitchens

Formulas for the E6-B Air Navigation Computer

Formulas for the E6-B Air Navigation Computer

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Formulas for the Air Navigation Computer is written for pilots and air navigators at all levels of experience from the novice to the professional. The book is self-help on how to use the E6-B Air Navigation Computer. An E6-B Air Navigation Computer is a circular slide rule with a wind slide on the reverse side. It is dedicated to performing all calculations related to pre-flight planning and in-flight air navigation. Every pilot has an E6-B Air Navigation Computer, which is supplied with a very brief instructional booklet when the E6-B is purchased. However, the booklet only covers a few basic formulas, and many more formulas are required for passing the pilot navigation exams at various levels and, of course, for all operational flying. Obtaining all these different formulas from various sources is time consuming, as this author has discovered over the years. They are not readily available in one book. This is the reason for writing Formulas for the Air Navigation Computer; it is a unique collection of air navigation computer formulas. The formulas are written as they appear when set up on the E6-B Air Navigation Computer. A full description on how to solve each formula is included, along with a worked example and also the methods for using the wind slide to calculate wind triangle and other navigational problems associated with the wind slide. The book is easy to follow by the novice pilot and a convenient reference source for the more experienced pilot. The book is complete with all the formulas a pilot of any level should need to know. It is laid out in a simple way with over 122 formulas and methods, covering Time, Speed & Distance, Air Speed, Altitude Navigation, VNAV, One-in-Sixty Rule, Wind triangle Calculations, Wind Finding methods, Fuel Calculations, Pressure Pattern Navigation and more.
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Forlag: Andrews UK
Udgivet: 2013-06-11
ISBN: 9781783330782

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