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GOALS — Set them and reach them!
To get ahead, you have to have goals. Zig Ziglar is a master at telling audiences how to set them, how to achieve them, and how to enjoy their benefits. He doesn’t make it complicated, either. On this Audio Book, you get a step-by-step approach that you can tailor to your immediate needs — one you can easily alter as your needs change.
You’ll discover:
The seven steps to goal-setting used by the top three percent of the population.
The importance to mental well-being of having some big goals.
Who to share your goals with, and who to shield them from.
The five questions to ask yourself about every goal.
How to tell if you’re serious about a goal.
New attitudes, knowledge, aptitudes, talents, skills, and habits that you develop on the way to your goals — attributes that will serve you the rest of your life.
The role of a winning attitude in the lives of 1,000 executives, as documented in a recent study.
With goals, you can more fully realize your maximum potential because goals take you many places and enable you to experience many things. You know more, do more, have more, and are more.
Zig knows what it takes to achieve success in almost any endeavor. He’s reached the top in several fields. Now he asks you to join him with confidence-building, trademark phrase, "I’ll see you at the top."
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Forlag: Nightingale Conant
Udgivet: 2017-10-04
Længde: 5T 1M
ISBN: 9781518967962

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