The Return Journey - Steve Bull

The Return Journey

The Return Journey

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When talented horsewoman Kathryn Bull died in a freak accident aged just 39, her husband, Steve was devastated and completely lost. Kathryn had been his rock, helping him through his battles with depression and giving him a reason to return home from the expeditions he ran in far-flung countries.

Horses brought them together and ultimately it would be a horse that would tear them apart but Steve knew that Kathryn would not want him to leave the yard that she had run and loved for so long, so he made a pact with her memory. He would take on the yard, look after their horses and their dogs and make Cross Lane stables the ultimate memorial to the girl who loved horses – and him – so very much.

In this moving and uplifting memoir, Steve Bull describes the challenges he faces when he commits to running the yard. He gives up his own business, faces doubts from friends and family and gains a renewed appreciation of

Kathryn's talent and commitment and the legacy she has left.

This tender and poignant memoir will be treasured by everyone familiar with the inexplicable bond between man and horse and the reader will end up cheering for Steve as he travels his return journey and begins to triumph over the terrible tragedy that threatened to break him.
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Mere info om e-bogen:

Forlag: RedDoor Press
Udgivet: 2019-09-12
ISBN: 9781913227333

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