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The Story of Dr. Kildare, Vol. 1

The Story of Dr. Kildare, Vol. 1

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Convinced they could build on the success of the already released motion-picture series, MGM Studios hired Lew Ayres and Lionel Barrymore to reprise their screen roles as Dr. James Kildare and Dr. Leonard Gillespie in a syndicated radio series. Kildare was the compassionate, caring physician at Blair General Hospital, New York City; Gillespie a crusty, lovable diagnostician. Kildare reminded listeners each week in the opening signature: “Whatsoever house I enter, there will I go for the benefit of the sick, and whatever things I see or hear concerning the life of men I will keep silent thereon, counting such things to be held as sacred trusts.”

Beginning in 1949, a total of seventy-eight episodes were produced and syndicated across the country. Stations nationwide continued to air The Story of Dr. Kildare on radio until 1954. In 1961, the series made a successful transition to television starring Richard Chamberlain as Dr. Kildare, with Raymond Massey as Dr. Gillespie.

This volume features sixteen thirty-minute episodes of The Story of Dr. Kildare:

12/7/49 - Ep. #9 - “Carolyn Shelley, Appendicitis”
12/14/49 - Ep. #10 - “Janet Dane, Betatron Cancer Treatment”
12/28/49 - Ep. #12 - “Terry Murphy, Partial Deafness”
1/4/50 - Ep. #13 - “Philip Van Court, Traumatic Amnesia”
2/1/50 - Ep. #17 - “Angela Carew, 20 pounds Overweight”
2/8/50 - Ep. #18 - “Dick Brennan Steals $5,000”
2/15/50 - Ep. #19 - “Colonel Beauregard, Paralysis”
2/22/50 - Ep. #20 - “Gordon Mallory, Lead Poisoning”
11/20/50 - Ep. #56 - “Edward Carlton, Hydrophobia or Hysteria”
11/27/50 - Ep. #57 - “Novelist Amy Dickens, Shattered Legs”
12/4/50 - Ep. #58 - “Young Mother Wants to Put Her Baby Up for Adoption”
12/11/50 - Ep. #59 - “Dr. Gillespie, Acute Snoopitis”
12/18/50 - Ep. #60 - “Dr. Gillespie’s New Suit”
12/25/50 - Ep. #61 - “Nurse Parker Invests in Yukon Joe Moran’s Mine”
1/22/51 - Ep. #65 - “John Smith, Incognito Carcinoma Patient”
1/29/51 - Ep. #66 - “Dr. Gillespie’s Love Letters”
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Forlag: Black Eye Entertainment
Udgivet: 2019-10-01
Længde: 7T 24M
ISBN: 9781094005386

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