A Fairy Tale. In Two Acts - George Colman the Elder, David Garrick

A Fairy Tale. In Two Acts

A Fairy Tale. In Two Acts

0 0 5 Forfatter: George Colman the Elder, David Garrick
David Garrick was today’s equivalent of a celebrity actor who could also write, produce, manage, and all of it based on prodigious talents. His career dramatically changed the course of what acting was, introducing a realistic style that was quickly imitated by almost everyone.

With his talents as a director, writer and theatre management, together with an ear for what the fickle audience wanted, he helped the Drury Lane Theatre become, and remain, one of the leading theatres in Europe.

His adaptations of Shakespeare were very well regarded, and his own original writing also found an audience. In addition, he adapted many older plays in the theatrical repertoire that were slipping into insignificance. These included many from the Restoration era. In essence while influencing the theatre towards a higher standard he also gained am enhanced reputation for theatre people and their careers.
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Forlag: Stage Door
Udgivet: 2019-11-18
ISBN: 9781839671593

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