Vegan Diet for Beginners: Delicious Plant Based Recipes - Sarah Meyers

Vegan Diet for Beginners: Delicious Plant Based Recipes

Vegan Diet for Beginners: Delicious Plant Based Recipes

0 0 5 Forfatter: Sarah Meyers Oplæser: Michelle Murillo
Do you wonder what is the best way to lose weight naturally, safely and without too many sacrifices?

Do you want to monitor your blood values, cholesterol, and detoxify your body?

All this is possible!

Very often vegan nutrition is associated with a life of renunciation and tasteless foods.

You'll find that there's nothing more wrong than this!

If you want to start improving your body, this beginner's guide is just what you should read, because it will allow you to start, without stress, a plant-based diet easily applicable every day, without sacrificing tasty foods.

All the tips you'll find in this audio-cookbook are designed to help you develop healthy dietary preferences and safely abandon the carnivorous diet, which can be so harmful to your body.

This guide has the best vegan diet recipes to get you started with your newly found lifestyle.

Here are the recipe groups covered:


Main dishes


Grains and dishes

Sauces, dressing and dips

International vegan cuisine

… and more!

The simplicity of the recipes you'll find inside will leave you amazed, not to mention the taste of the meals you can create and that, I'm sure, will leave your guests speechless!
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Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2019-12-18
Længde: 3T 50M
ISBN: 9781982796600

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