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People Centricity

People Centricity

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For most of us, it's the people we know who make our lives what they are. These include our family, our friends, and the people we work with. This revolutionary and highly original book, People Centricity, brilliantly reveals that the secret of having great personal and work relationships lies in taking the trouble to understand the agenda and concerns of everyone with whom you interact most closely. This allows you to create a highly positive climate of mutual benefit, and to become truly people-centric. In a lively style featuring many compelling examples, Stephen Hewett guides you through the mind-changing thinking you need to achieve the life-transforming goal of People Centricity. The journey this book takes you on will make your difficult days better and your good days beautiful. 'Stephen is a people guru for our times' Lord Price, Minister of State for Trade and Investment 'Stephen shares the meaning of People Centricity with you to make your life, and those you interact with, so much happier.' Mark White, Media & TV Expert. Former CEO Channel 5 TV
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Udgivet: 2017-02-08
ISBN: 9781912022151

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