New Ghosts - Laura Quinney

New Ghosts

New Ghosts

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New Ghosts is Laura Quinney's second volume of poetry, and continues and intensifies the exploration of a desolate reality which can offer us nothing but the love it demands from us in order to confront it. Of her first book, Corridor, Harold Bloom (who reprinted one of its poems in the Library of America anthology of American Religious Poems) wrote: "Corridor, more even than the work of Paul Celan, seems to me poetry absolutely in the spirit of Franz Kafka. The nearest affinity I can find to [Quinney's] superbly spare meditations is in the amazing translations that Celan did of a number of poems by Emily Dickinson. Again, like the strangely sublime Celan, [Quinney's] work moves me by its indirect yet surpassingly poignant avoidance of all obvious pathos. So original is Corridor that some of these reveries carry the mark of a possible permanence."
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Udgivet: 2017-03-08
ISBN: 9780996505277

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