The Everything Vegan Paleo Cookbook - Daelyn Fortney

The Everything Vegan Paleo Cookbook

The Everything Vegan Paleo Cookbook

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The best of both worlds!

You might think that paleo and vegan diets are complete opposites. But that's not true! There are plenty of foods besides meat in the paleo diet. After all, our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, and they likely ate plant-based diets for much of the time. Both paleo and vegan diets focus on clean eating, and The Everything Vegan Paleo Cookbook provides readers with 300 deliciously clean recipes that focus on fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, sprouts, and healthy fats, including:
Two-Tomato SalsaAvocado-Watermelon SaladAlmond Joy SmoothieAcorn Squash Autumn BisqueVeggie Kebabs with Chimichurri SauceTropical Cashew Nut ButterPistachio-Pumpkin Trail MixPlum Blueberry Coconut CrumbleWith these full-flavored, whole-food recipes, you’ll have hundreds of options for following both the paleo and vegan lifestyles.
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Forlag: Everything
Udgivet: 2015-07-12
ISBN: 9781440590238

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