English Vocabulary Master for Advanced Learners - Listen & Learn (Proficiency Level B2-C1) - Dorota Guzik, Dominika Tkaczyk

English Vocabulary Master for Advanced Learners - Listen & Learn (Proficiency Level B2-C1)

English Vocabulary Master for Advanced Learners - Listen & Learn (Proficiency Level B2-C1)

4,44 9 5 Forfatter: Dorota Guzik, Dominika Tkaczyk Oplæser: Maybe Theatre Company, Tadeusz Z. Wolański, Lara Kalenik, Barbara Kubica-Daniel
Expand your vocabulary and develop your speaking skills at advanced level and speak fluently on various topics. The course contains:

• 12 topic-based lessons which introduce and consolidate advanced vocabulary
• 132 carefully prepared exercises which teach correct pronunciation and show how expressions are used in context
• 3300 words, collocations, idioms and sentences to repeat
• 550 examples which check how well the vocabulary has been mastered
• words and expressions are recorded with explanations and example answers in speaking exercises
• over 11 hours of professional recordings
• PDF file with the full text of the whole course

Why is it worth choosing “English. Vocabulary Master Advanced Learners”?

If you want to remember new words and phrases, just repeating them is not enough. It is also important to learn words in context, learn whole phrases that show which expressions these words go with (collocations), and practise these newly learned expressions by using them yourself. Effective vocabulary learning on our course is divided into these stages:

• You hear all words and idioms twice – first with an explanation of the meaning, then with a pause for you to repeat them.
• You repeat full sentences to consolidate new words and phrases in context.
• Additional collocations show you examples of how these expressions are used.
• You check how well you have mastered the vocabulary during specially prepared speaking exercises.
This is effective learning, easy and accessible to everyone!

If you want to develop your language skills further at advanced level, choose other courses from the series “English Vocabulary Master”, “English Grammar Master” and “English Speaking Master”.
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: DIM - Nauka i Multimedia
Udgivet: 2019-11-11
Længde: 11T 33M
ISBN: 9788380062672

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