Cockney Orphan - Carol Rivers

Cockney Orphan

Cockney Orphan

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A heart-warming and nostalgic family saga set at the heart of wartime London, from the bestselling author of A Wartime Christmas. Perfect for fans of Sheila Newberry and Rosie Goodwin

'Surely one of the best saga writers of her time' – Rosie Clarke


7th September, 1940. The Isle of Dogs, heart of London's docklands, suffers the first terrible night of a nine-month Blitz. But for Connie Marsh, the discovery of an orphaned baby boy amongst the rubble brings a glimmer of hope to a time of darkness and suffering.

But Connie's happiness is not to last. Having fallen in love with Vic Campion, the man who helped her rescue baby Lucky, she despairs when he is called up to serve in the Navy, knowing she might never see him again. And when a sinister figure emerges, claiming to be Lucky's grandfather, Connie is terrified she will lose the child, too.

Will she to a dashing GI for comfort during her time of need? Or will she stay true to Vic, the man she really loves . . .

Praise for CAROL RIVERS:

'A gripping page turner' - LEAH FLEMING

'Brings the East End to life - family loyalties, warring characters and broken dreams. Superb' - ELIZABETH GILL

Previously published with the title Connie of Kettle Street
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Mere info om e-bogen:

Forlag: Simon & Schuster UK
Udgivet: 2013-04-11
ISBN: 9781849835206

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