Farewell Nikola - Guy Boothby

Farewell Nikola

Farewell Nikola

0 0 5 Forfatter: Guy Boothby Oplæser: Peter John Keeble
“Farewell, Nikola” is the last (the 5th) of Guy Boothby’s novels about the mysterious Dr Nikola, an occultist anti-hero seeking immortality and world domination.

This, the last of Boothby's five Dr. Nikola novels, is set in Venice, Italy. Nikola tells the story of his sad life, demonstrates his mystic ability to enable people to experience themselves in another place and time, transforms a man into being a beast, and departs from his palace in Venice, which has a bloody history, but he remains in the minds of those who met him.

“Farewell, Nikola” was first published in 1901. AUDIO: Reading by Peter John Keeble, running time: 6 hours, 15 min. Unabridged full version. E-book: ePUB, 70.000 words, reading time approximately 6 hours.

Guy Newell Boothby (1867–1905) was a prolific Australian novelist and writer, noted for sensational fiction in variety magazines around the end of the nineteenth century. He lived mainly in England. He is best known for such works as the Dr Nikola series, about an occultist criminal mastermind who is a Victorian forerunner to Fu Manchu, and Pharos, the Egyptian, a tale of Gothic Egypt, mummies' curses and supernatural revenge.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Krimier Serie: Dr Nikola: 1 Oversætter:

Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Anncona Media AB
Udgivet: 2019-07-12
Længde: 6T 13M
ISBN: 9789177596356

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Forlag: Anncona Media AB
Udgivet: 2019-07-30
ISBN: 9789177596349

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